A Day Of Morning

Mystery, Suspense, Murder... And it's not even lunch yet

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A Bit about The Film & the future

Thank you for checking out my movie! Watch the first 22 mins of the film before you decide. If you enjoyed the preview, you'll really love the rest. This was made as a student film and was shot Robert Rodriguez style, consisting of one crew member and minimalist lighting, with a finishing budget of $600. Luckily, even with that small amount, we were able to bring in production value, with things like a helicopter and a boat chase scene. All money raised from sales of this film, will go to finance my next "real" feature. A Horror script, that I've been developing for several years. Please share this with anyone you know, whose interested in Indie Film. And don't forget to sign up for the mailing list and Twitter to keep up with the new movie. It's gunna be killer! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comedy/Action - Runtime - 95 mins
  • A Day Of Morning

    In the year 2099, the HIV virus has mutated and become airborne, effecting 60% of the worlds population.

    A mysterious woman, hires two detectives for protection from a hidden assailant.
    But when she turns up dead,

    Their determination for the truth, will lead to answers behind an international drug ring, where nothing is as it seems.